Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Marbling....

Up from the bottom again! You will notice that all of the fabrics I have taken pictures of have not been washed or ironed yet which is why you sometimes see an occasional fold. I dunk the fabric 3 or 4 times after I do the marbling and then hang the remaining sticky wet fabric out on the line where it will dry (if it doesn't rain in the meantime which it has pretty consistently the past couple of weeks). It doesn't matter at this point if a little rain gets on it as the paints are pretty well adhered except if you brush with your hand or fingernail. I then let them dry for a couple of weeks and then wash in the very very gentlest cycle of my washer. I make sure they have no folds when I put them in the washer. I then take them out and they are pretty damp still as the slowest cycle has a relatively slow spin speed (I have a top loader). I then hang them out on the line to dry (NEVER use a dryer as it will just beat them up) and then iron and put away. I have been grouping them and rolling them rather than fold them -- just think of a painted surface and what care you would want to take with it. You just don't want it beaten or rubbed in one place excessively.

This was an orange and green piece that I focused adding the purple onto breaking up the orange space. Looks like a big spiral to me.
I ran out of alum-ed white fabric yet again and the weather has not been cooperating at all so I am back to using up the colored fabrics that I had treated last week. The next two were done on black. I used a lot of the titanium white mixed in with the colors. The light grey areas were white if you looked at the size. Titanium white is really not an opaque but has qualities of an opaque when concentrated.

This was on the black but with the push and pull technique as I wanted to create some fabric that looked a bit like tree bark always useful when doing nature fabric!!

Ah, my last piece of white fabric!

I didn't do much today as I was mesmerized by the funeral of Michael Jackson. I am certainly not the demographic that you would think would be a fan, but I have loved the tv coverage of him when he was in his prime when "I discovered" what a talent he was after watching the Thriller special and the Motown Anniversary special back in the 80's.

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blueditty said...

Beth, I adore the black and white pieces! The first one looks like a shot of outer space (to me anyway)