Friday, July 31, 2009

Quilting by the Lake -- Week 2 Tour Day

Although I had to go to this tour alone, I met several people there that I knew. I really wanted to see what was going on in several of the classrooms (Rayna Gilman and Jane Dunnewold had classes). Was greatly surprised to find my daughter's first viola teacher (who is now the first violist for the Rochester Philharmonic) was in Jane's class and has taken up surface design with gusto! Small world! The work in Jane's classroom was amazing -- they were working with all sorts of water based resists and were having a grand time!! I enjoyed Rayna's classroom as well but would really have liked to see more of what was done the first few days she was there in the surface class. I heard from one of my friends that it was excellent though as she was in the class.

The picture above is looking toward one of the sculptures on campus. It is a pretty campus with a lovely walkway which crosses a woody ravine .

It was really worth going to this second session as there was a lot of interesting work going on and I saw many of my old friends who I had missed the first time around! After you go to QBL a number of years, you meet people that you only see once a year but who become QBL friends and someone to be hugged when you run into them in faraway places (like Houston).

This was a piece by Sue Benner who will be teaching next year. I loved her use of color and pattern!

These two pieces are both by Elin Noble who I can't say enough good about!! The first is illustrating the indigo which she will be teaching one session next year and the second is a piece illustrating some of her marbling. Double click to look closer as it is fantastic. The pictures are a little blurry as I wasn't using a flash. Please make sure you don't sign up for the indigo class before I get the chance to get in!! Her classes fill quickly (as well they should).

This is Caren's class work from Bob Adams class. The top piece was one she worked on in Cynthia Corbin's class two years ago and is going to use the machine stitching she learned in Bob's class to complete. I was blown away by his work, many of which follow!
These next few pieces were in Bob Adams' classroom and I really liked them!! He graciously gave me permission to photograph all of them! Yes, I told him they would be in my blog! You really need to double click on these to see the detail. He uses discharge techniques extensively as well as a LOT of machine stitching!

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