Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, thought I would be doing some dyeing and cleaned off my table thoroughly but the air conditioning decided to call it quits so I had to move everything around so now my dyeing table is COVERED with pfd fabric. (Note to self -- don't buy any more pfd fabric in the foreseeable future). I have enough tshirts and white fabric for the rest of my life of dyeing!

Anyway, the good news was that I got to do a video chat with my beautiful 4 month old granddaughter (thank you again Google for this wonderful free service). I found that you can hit Prt Sc and capture the image and then convert it from BMP to Jpeg using Windows Paint. So here is the latest and greatest picture of my beautiful granddaughter! She lives on the other side of the country in Seattle where they are having record high temperatures these days. Luckily my son in law had the foresight to buy an air conditioner a couple of weeks ago so they aren't suffering as you can see from the picture! You can't even find air conditioners there right now!

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Gail Baker said...

She is beautiful!!!