Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blooming Gardens - Color, Color, Color

All the rain and mild weather have left the gardens lush with color. Warren grew all the plants from seed this year except for the peppers. The impatiens are the best we have ever produced. There isn't a color between light lavender and deepest red that isn't represented. We decided we liked the low growing plants better than the big tall ones which have nowhere near as much flowering. I am also nuts about the everblooming begonias -- the ones with the great big double flowers. We have always bought them before this year (and they are not cheap). This year he grew them from seed and they are just beginning to bloom and I LOVE them -- light pinks to deep reds.

Today we get our two pecks of sour cherries so tomorrow will be spent pitting them and freezing them for some pies later on! I have just been using up what remains of last year's cherries so there would be some space in the freezer. We have been sacrificing by eating those pies!

This is from our neighbor Joe's garden and they are just beautiful against the backdrop of his yard.

These are the many marigolds that are in our garden this year. Warren accidentally bought some of the tall variety which are my favorites (as I can cut for bouquets) but they do spread out as do the wave petunias that we have.

This is one shot of the impatiens with one of the flowering begonias in the front.

More of the impatiens.

This is a closeup of one of the bright pink begonias. We have them in at least two shades of pink and one dark, dark red.

>Lest you think I haven't been doing any quilting, I have been diligently working on a design for a challenge quilt due in November. I have most of the design worked out and almost have it titled. Now to just figure out how to put it together! I have used EQ6 for some of the design, but some of it will just have to be hand drafted I am afraid!

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Gail Baker said...

Wow - the flowers are georgous!!