Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Promise Only a Couple More Days of Marbling!

Well Rochester NY may be known for a lot of bad weather but usually not tornadoes and last night there were two in the area -- the first in our county since 1981. On the east side of Rochester, we fared better but this is the clouds coming in for the severe thunderstorms that we had last night. The rain just won't stop this summer.

Last night two more yards of white alum-ed fabric were discovered in my sewing room! It is not very great cloth but it was white and it did have alum in it so most of it got marbled this morning so I am now down to about 6 pieces of fabric left which will get done tomorrow and then cleanup and some dyeing.

This was actually combed (with a comb of all things) just for the heck of it. Every once in awhile, I feel the need to do something a little more traditional!
This matches the piece above where I did the more traditional marbling. Still working in the same palette.

This fabric is pretty coarse but okay for just playing around. I had purchased quite a bit of it for dyeing but it doesn't take the dye at all well -- fine for those nice light colors but it is a little heavier and coarser than I like for quilting.

This was the first print of the day when thre is always some gop left on the size that gives you white lines which I rarely try to remove.
I have about 2 quarts of goop left for marbling and may just dump that on top of what is there tomorrow and just finish up the remaining pieces!

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