Monday, July 27, 2009

Marbling - THE END!

I finally finished up all the fabric and will save the rest of the goo (I usually go through this neverending process of alum-ing more fabric, running out of goo, making more goo etc., etc.)! It really re-energized me and am looking forward to doing a little dyeing and finishing my challenge quilt and the lillies that are awaiting some more work!

As I was sitting at my computer this morning, a deer went through the backyard and then right by the window where the cats were sitting -- they clearly couldn't figure out what was going on! I know, lots of you have deer in your yards. Although we live on a very wooded lot with a bevy of other forest creatures, deer are still an unusual sight in the yard although this is the second time in two weeks that one has been through here. I have seen coyote, raccoons, lots of chipmunks and wild turkeys. Black bears are up this far north now and we did have one lost moose in town a number of years ago. Sadly a bear died on the other side of town a few weeks ago when the wildlife officers tried to get it out of the neighborhood to relocate back down further south. Bears have been expanding their territory northward for the past several years.

Like the one above, this was done on a very nondescript failed shibori piece.

This was on a very, very ugly piece of red with a greyish tinge and worse yet, on cheap muslin!

Like the first one, I played with some combs again today although hadn't gone full speed ahead. It is fun to play with them.
No more for a couple of months though!! Getting all cleaned up -- not that we have had a day conducive to hanging alum-ed fabric out on the line. It rains every day and the temps have rarely even gotten into the 80s so far this year. No salt dyeing this summer!


Matthew Bacon said...

Hello Beth! I see you haven't posted any marbling projects lately, I hope you are still mastering the craft? Your work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I'm a fan! My name is Matt and I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture, however, I don't want to work like a doctor and get paid like a teacher just yet, so, I'm following a dream of mine and designing a menswear line. I am fascinated by
marbling and would love to use the process on few of my pieces, but honestly I just don't know where to begin, so I googled the process and I was lucky enough to stumble upon your beautiful work. If you have just a few minutes I would love to pick your brain and ask you a few questions? I hope this finds you well and thank you in advance for your time!

Thanks, Matt

Elizabeth said...

Matt, I would happily answer any questions you might have. I am certainly not a master marbler but have done a lot over time. I will get back to it at some point but still trying to figure out what to do with the 125 yards of fabric that I have already done -- only about 1/3 of it which I like!

Matthew Bacon said...

Hi Beth, sorry I'm just getting back to you. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and letting me ask you some questions about marbling! I have a couple of photos of garments, in which, I would like to achieve close to the same marbling effect and I am hoping for you to look at them and give me your thoughts? If so, do you have an email address I could send pics to? Thank you, again!


Elizabeth said...