Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost Finished!

Well, the top is all sewn together finally and I am really quite pleased with it!  I found some fabric that was very close in value and color to the greyed blue green that is the background for the stars so that I could finish the skinny triangles on the top and bottom.  I am also going to add a strip of it to either side as well.   A quilt like this deserves a fancier border so I will have to think about that for awhile!  I don't have much left of any of the fabrics that make up the blocks so would have to find something very similar.  You will have to forgive the wonky picture as I don't have a large design wall down here so I had to improvise a bit to get a decent picture as it is 4 feet by 6 feet.  The block is the Flag block from Sara Nephew's Doubledipity book which I really love!!  I did do a different layout than those in the book -- most of those had nine blocks instead of the ten I did.  I also changed the background color to white for some of the central background blocks to make it a little more interesting.

This shows the top a little better so you can see how it is finished off.

My favorite duck hasn't been at the Lake lately (I told Lisa she scared it away) but today there were three Greater (I think) Scaups hanging out with the Coots.  

You can see the two males and the one female in front.  I am not convinced that one or two of the Scaups aren't a Lesser Scaup as one seemed to have more head definition than the others but it might just be the angle.

Time to start a new quilt.  This one will be much brighter colors -- the whole rainbow in fact!  I have chosen the block that is on the cover of the Doubledipity book which is called Brilliant Sky.  I may be a bit more adventurous with this one and make blocks with different color rows.  

I also decided how to finish off the Colin Firth quilt.  I wanted to do something with the outer edges and think I have decided what to do so will test out that hypothesis as well!  I may even attempt quilting that while I am down here.  I probably will wait until I get home to quilt the above quilt as I don't have much in the way of backings down here, although Thousands of Bolts might help me there!

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Gail Baker said...

Your Serendipity pattern is the same as my "quilt from hell" except your outer "circle" is two diamonds, a triangle and two rectangles. I like that set-up much better!! Beautiful!