Friday, December 30, 2011

The Next Serendipity Quilt is Beginning!

Well, I have cut out two more of the Serendipity quilts.  This one uses a fish fabric of which I had bought quite a bit -- used it for the backing for one of those nine quilts I machine quilted.  I thought it would be a good one for this type of quilt.  I am using a different pattern from the book for this one -- called Brilliant Sky.  I am going to use the same block for the whole quilt but am going to vary the background colors to give the illusion of two different blocks. 

 I have found that these 12 inch repeats work extremely well for the quilts.  I have noted in doing the regular "stack and whack" type quilts that if the repeat is bigger, you can usually make the block bigger but making big blocks with 12 inch repeats doesn't work as well.

These are the matching hexagons.  Think this will be a cool one!!

This is kind of a boring picture as I don't have a "before" picture.  For some reason, the color on the bottom half of our south facing side faded terribly while the top stayed the same color as the front.  Luckily, they left cans of paint for all the rooms in the house as well as the outside when they finished building the house!  As the weather is supposed to be gorgeous for the next few days, Warren took the opportunity to get the bottom painted and it looks great again!  

He also put up some netting on our third floor porch as one of our kitties either jumped or fell from that floor a few days ago, scaring us to death!  He evidently made an intermediate stop on top of our van which broke his fall of 30 feet and he is none the worse for wear (although there are now scratch marks on Warren's prized van).  We found him almost immediately sitting on the lee side of the house -- he hates the wind and it was a windy night!


Marcia said...

Was it George who made the leap off the balcony? Or are you keeping the name anonymous to protect the innocent :-) Just glad he's OK!

Beth Brandkamp said...

Of course it was George!! I had warned Warren -- the Christmas lights were just too much of a temptation I think. He is absolutely fine though. It was 11 at night though but Warren found him!