Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Process....

For a change, I decided to test out the pattern I was using before cutting every piece of fabric I had!  The center is the repeating pattern, and then four additional fabrics are required to complete the block.  At this point I haven't put anything together and am trying to decide if I like the fabrics (I didn't) and trying to decide what to do for the additional diamonds between the green stripes.  I have a very limited assortment of fabrics here from home but am trying to use what I have.

This was another of the centers to test again whether I liked the fabrics (uh uh).

A closeup of a piece of the block showing the red (and fussy cut repeating triangle).  No no....

Ah ha!  This is the first block up above but I inverted the diamonds in the middle and substituted a new fabric for the red one at the tips -- it is a little duller and has some green in it.  I then added a pinkish batik and decided it was okay.  There is a lot of pink in some of the other blocks and it reads as background even though it is a little brighter because there is so much activity in it. (I was afraid that the stars themselves were going to look like background.)

Here are some of the other stars starting to form.  I have had this fabric for probably 10 years and actually had it in several colorways as it is perfect for "stack and whack" applications as it has so much variety and color in it and relatively large shapes (the repeat is about 12 inches so only requires 2 yards to get the appropriate amount of hexagons!

These are the original pieces I auditioned for the star points.  I will probably make them blocks at some point but the contrast in them isn't good so  you kind of lose the effect unless you look closely.  I did fussy cut these though!!

This was a bilaterally symmetrical print -- the kind that Paula Nadelstern always features in the middle of her fantastic blocks.  This is a closeup of one of the previous blocks.

Believe it or not, the leaves  have been going quickly and I have finished one quarter of the border already and this is how it will look on the quilt.  I may still add some flowers but we shall see.

Of course, we all know who he is but I got him in the sun again and then upped the saturation up a bit so you can see his fantastic color.  I am definitely thinking he is going to find himself in a quilt relatively soon along with some of his fellow travelers.  

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