Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Ducks...Some Nicer Pictures (I Hope)

It was cloudy and chilly this afternoon and the Red Headed Duck was hanging out with the mallards.  This is the first time I have seen one of these out of the water.  He wasn't shy at all and was quite close so you can see all his different colors.

A side view as he was heading for the water.

Finally got the sun shining on my favorite duck. This was yesterday although he was there today as well hanging with the mallards and domestic ducks.

You can really see the iridescence in this closeup.  They have about every color in the rainbow.

I have been working on the border for the Baltimore Album (although truthfully it had been so nice outside I was spending most of my time on the porch watching dolphins and reading).  I may actually get it done in a reasonable amount of time but have to get my applique skills back a bit more!

Time to start on one of the Serendipity quilts (from Sara Nephew's book of the same name).  These are a fancy version of the hexagon radially symmetrical blocks.  The weather is supposed to be cool again tomorrow so I may just stay inside and get some work done!

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