Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Continuing Afternoon Walks at Carolina Beach Lake

Well, to my Rochester and other northern friends, this is not an uncommon sight but down here I haven't seen any of these Canada Geese -- not even flying over in their familiar V's.  There were five at the lake the other day and I remember only seeing a couple last year.

I took this picture just because the light was shining off this male mallard's head.  They really are a pretty duck but just too darn common!  You can tell there hasn't been a lot of variety lately!!

Yes, the most common of the gulls down here -- a Ring Billed Gull.  This one is a younger one I think as he was a bit more speckled than the mature ones are.  Usually the gulls stay away from this lake.

And amazingly, amongst the mallards on the lake was the lone Wood Duck again.  He follows the mallards around and here was taking the rear position with the flock.

With his female mallard friend, crossing the walk after the whole flock decided to get out of the water.

In amongst all of the mallards -- he is smaller.

He stops for a nibble -- you can see his different colored feathers the best in the picture -- I used my flash as it was quite late in the day and not very good light and they are sooo beautiful.

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