Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's So Warm, the Birds Must Be Heading North Again!

Well, I thought even the Coots had left today but they had just moved -- the count is up to close to 100 now. 

All I have been seeing are the Mallards and the one Pied Billed Grebe who has stayed behind.  

So I am reduced to taking pictures of sparkling Mallard heads.

I must say that the Grebe must be getting used to me as he didn't object as much as usual to my taking his picture -- he was wary but didn't dive under water and skitter across half the lake like he usually does!  I thought this was a pretty good picture that gives you some idea of more detail.  He has his winter plummage.
Well, he is looking at me but hasn't left yet.  The lake is very full and will be fuller tomorrow after tonight's rain -- I think the birds like it a little shallower so I hope they let the water out like they did last winter.

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