Monday, November 12, 2007

The Amish Royal Cross

Well, it's done! I have decided to go with the green in the cornerstones as the fuchsia and turquoise were just too stark. Also decided that it looks "artier" if I do no traditional borders or binding. Again, it will have to wait until I return from the Fla trip. There will be plenty of cold days then to finish up quilts and maybe do a little dyeing.

I couldn't help myself yesterday as the weather was beautiful and I went out just in the yard to take pictures of the trees against the beautiful dark blue sky. This has been such an unusual autumn so I just had to take advantage of it! Of course our nasty neighbor in the back interrupted my pleasant picture taking by demanding that I cut away the undergrowth from his fence on our side! I don't think so. He then screamed that he would call his lawyer which was just fine with me. I still have the pictures showing the tree he killed when he trespassed on our property while we were in Alaska. Our next door neighbor even called the police as he knew we wouldn't want this done. This guy has been a problem since before we moved in. We like our heavily wooded lot and he likes pristine grass. He came on to our property last summer and chopped away at all the trees blocking the view of his house. He managed to kill one of them by taking all the branches off. We have such lovely neighbors on both sides of our house as well as the other neighbor whose back yard backs up to ours. Why is there always one in a neighborhood?

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