Thursday, November 8, 2007

Priscilla's Embellishment Class

I could resist taking this picture out my car window on the way to Marcia's! The sky was very grey but the sun was shining over my house
What a fantastic day!! Not often you get the chance to take a class for the third time and still learn something new! Priscilla keeps updating this class and adding new things so it was great fun. Add to that a day spent with a bunch of really talented creative ladies and the best venue of all -- Marcia's studio -- how much better can it get! Both Priscilla and Marcia have pictures on their blog pages but maybe I can add a couple of new ones with some luck!

These were all the things that Priscilla was doing with pleater boards. I think everyone will order one that doesn't already have one. I am heading over to Crafts and Things in Fairport to get a hairpin lace loom myself -- probably one I donated!

These are the various seminole samples that were done in class. Mine is the red and black one which isn't too outstanding but will be okay for a garment. I am taking all my samples and putting them into the bag I keep with all the reds and blacks for a future jacket.

This is the cuff made with the hairpin lace loom and miscellaneous yarns. Everyone loved this. This happens to be on the coat that you will see below with our teacher modeling it for us!

This is Priscilla modelling her coat for us. It is made with scrunched fabric which is then stitched to death with all sorts of embellishments. Priscilla wore this to her luncheon in Houston. There is the hairpin lace yarn trim around the whole coat and the sleeves. Priscilla says this is the turkish folkwear coat which she has made many, many times.

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