Saturday, November 17, 2007

RAFA Opening Reception ! WOW!!

WOW is all I can say about the turn out for the opening night reception. It was so crowded at times that it was impossible to take pictures! I did take a few and will post a couple here. It was exciting to me to see a few of the pieces (besides my own Yellowstone piece) that had my hand dyed fabric in them. It made me feel like I had a bigger piece of the action, so to speak!

I am in the final throes of trying to get ready to leave for almost two months tomorrow so it has been more than a little hectic! Things look relatively under control though. We woke up to snow on the ground (just a scattering) but this is the first time this winter.

This one of the fox by Anne Fischer got a lot of attention because of the wonderful thread work. She is one of several artists in the group who does terrific threadwork. It drew your eye from across the room.

I just loved this piece by Caris Burton. It is probably the colors which pulled me in as they are my favorites!

This one is by my friend Marcia DeCamp. She called it Slashed but may have to change the name!! One of my friends was really admiring it but said that the name scared her! She was thinking of blood and the slasher movies. I don't think that is what Marcia had in mind when she named it! I think it was named more after the technique she used!

This is a self portrait done by our own Nancy Hicks. She was the driver behind joining the Arts organization and setting up a show. We can't thank her enough for all her efforts and push. She and Pat Pauly are our spiritual leaders if not our actual leaders!

This stands out as my husband's very favorite in the show! He is definitely not into fiber at all and yet was sincerely very impressed with the show. His reaction this morning is that the ones that were the most interesting were the ones that looked good from a distance and yet were much more complex when you looked closer. He said I have to get more complex! I agree (for once)!! I think that is why I like my newer version better!

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