Saturday, November 17, 2007

Second Day of RAFA Opening

These two pictures give you some perspective of how the exhibit was laid out.

Well, we did not have as brisk an attendance as we did last night but we had a steady stream of visitors, many from GVQC so that was nice. We got to chat a bit more than last night. Our official figure for our opening night was 151 attendees which was excellent attendance according to the ladies at the Art Council. Besides our invitees, we had people who were members of the Arts Council come. The food was gone quickly!

It will be a few days before I update again as we are heading to Fla tomorrow very early. I will include a few additional pieces from the show though. I may not get the names of the pieces though!

This was one of Caren Betlinski's pictures. She does wonderful landscapes and incredible threadwork. Unfortunately, some of her even nicer pieces were in a trunk show she is giving tomorrow at Schweinfurth in Auburn NY She is one of my best customers for dyed fabrics.

This is one of three of Janet's pieces that were in the exhibit. One woman from the club today commented that she didn't know that Janet did art pieces -- she always thought of her as traditional!

The top one of these is another Nancy Hicks piece that she stamped using an actual fish that she got at the Public Market here in Rochester. She got this idea from some things she had seen the Japanese do, I believe. Carolyn Dahl talks about this in her book, the name of which escapes me right now. The bottom one is a piece called Study in Blue by Barb Seils. Barb is an active dyer as well and three of her scarves were in the exhibit.

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