Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday -- Another Gorgeous Fall Day!!

Well, I have said that if this is global warming, I am all for it!! We NEVER have beautiful days around here when the foliage is at it's near peak or better! It is always grey and gloomy so this fall has been a real treat. Unfortunately, the dry weather has resulted in not as much color in the trees as usual but we still see some color and up against the azure sky, stunning! Nothing like complementary colors to really sparkle

I did manage to finish at least the "inside" of the top I started yesterday. I am going to surround it with a strip of muslin and then border or borders depending upon my mood. I am determined to get the baby quilt for Lisa's friend Cheryl done this weekend as well so will probably not do more on this top until January now with all the vacations/holidays coming up.

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