Monday, November 19, 2007

Following the Fall Foliage!

Well, I am sitting in here in Charlotte, NC now at my eldest daughter's house! It was a beautiful drive yesterday down from Rochester. It was dark when we started but snowing by Williamsport. The trees were all glistening and silver but the snow wasn't sticking and wasn't a problem at all. It then turned to rain and then sunshine. It was just beautiful going through the mountains in the western part of Virgina and North Carolina. The trees were at peak. It would have been even prettier if we weren't driving south into the sun. The trees are out here despite a fierce drought (I am sure you all have heard about Atlanta and it is just as bad here.)

I am just posting a couple of pictures here of my daughter's cats and the wonderful sun porch where I spent my morning lazing about!

This is a picture of Lisa's two kitties out on the sunporch where it is in the mid 70's today!

This is the first of two posters or flyers that my daughter did for her band called Dance Music for Depressed People. It is some sort of fusion music which the younger might understand. She writes the music and lyrics with the help of band members and then designs the posters and writes the press releases. The first is a small handout that announces a concert.

The second is a poster which she did entirely by hand and then her husband inverted the image in Photoshop. (The other is all by hand as well.) I am truly amazed by her lettering and the way she does things. She just draws lines, never sketches loosely like I do. She also has done cartoons and that is the way she draws. She literally has had no art training at all except for a bit of a class at school probably in 7th grade.

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