Thursday, November 8, 2007

Genesee Valley Quilt Club - November Meeting

This was a series of quilt blocks that were all red, white and blue and Sharyn used this set to disguise that fact as she didn't want a red, white a blue quilt then.

The program today was exceptional! I knew it would be as I had seen Sharyn out at Asilomar probably 7 years ago now and she made a tremendous impression on me even though I rarely if ever take traditional quilting classes. At Asilomar, Sharyn along with the other speakers at the evening program was given only five minutes to tell about themselves and what they do. Well Sharyn spoke at about 100 mph, interrupting her fast talking with inserted comments. She was better than most stand up comics and had tears rolling down our faces by the end of her five minutes. It was an incredible performance. She certainly didn't disappoint today either as she was one of the best if not the best speakers we have ever had at Genesee Valley -- even my non-quilting friend Priscilla wanted some blocks to play with by the end of her talk which was about Setting Solutions. I took a whole bunch of pictures of Sharyn's quilts and will ask tomorrow if I can put some of the pictures in my blog.

After the meeting was over, we had a new sub group that has formed in the quilt club which will be devoted to vintage quilts so that should be fun as well. I love looking at old quilts. I was busily working on my little hand project so didn't take any pictures then but may as time goes on.

Tomorrow, Sharyn is teaching a class on one specific block and has another whole suitcase of quilts that she will be showing in that class. The class filled up as I was sure it would as soon as everyone heard her speak!! I lobbied for her name on the list several years ago and she was booked up until now! She is retiring next year so we were very lucky to get her! The following are many of the quilts we saw during her talk on setting solutions. She uses settings to change the color of the blocks, get them all looking the same size and putting together blocks of very disparate sizes and colors.

These blocks were different sizes and she twisted and turned them so you just don't notice!

There are coping strips here so that you can make all the blocks the same size.

This was a very strong set with dark strips to make everything blend together.

This one had lots of coping strips and a set to make the colors look different. The coping strips make the blocks look all the same size.

In this one she used red coping strips and a strong blue set.

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