Friday, November 9, 2007

A Day with Sharyn Craig

Couldn't resist another autumn picture!

This was Sharyn with one of my favorites of her quilts.

Well, we had a fantastic class today with Sharyn Craig. I first saw Sharyn out at Asilomar although I had seen many of her columns in one of my quilting magazines and had several of her books. She is just one of the most fun teachers I think we have had at GVQC and I really enjoyed her class today. I picked up many helpful hints as well as some wonderful templates and directions for future quilts.

Of course, I started the day by forgetting both my already made lunch and my camera but went home at lunch and got both so there are a few pictures from the afternoon which I will post below. I may get ambitious and finish more of my blocks tonight. They went really quickly and I got four done in class in no time. It is a really fun block as well and there are so many ways you can twist the colors and values. What I didn't realize was that the block is a 9-patch as the division of the parts is in thirds in both directions so I think there are possibilities for alternate squares with this one as well!

These are the variety of blocks we did in class. Sharyn gave instructions for sizes of strips but didn't not say anything about values or colors so there was quite a variety which will look totally different when made up!

Here is someone in the class with four done and put together. I think it might have been Paula Melino

Isn't this a pretty block!

Here is a display of more of the different blocks we created.
This was Sharyn demonstrating some of her techniques with her attentive audience.
Here are three of the four blocks I got done in class. I made two more tonight but did get all the pieces cut out for six more blocks.

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