Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beginning of the End of the Orange Jacket Challenge

Well, all of us are well on our way to completing the orange jackets so we can finally move on.... I got mine together and actually made the lining as well. When my dear husband saw it, his comment was "are you actually go to wear that?" He thought it was very busy which is not what I thought he would say at all. He said it must have been toned down from what it was originally -- it was. My friends were trying to convince me that it was safe to wear it in public but I am still not sure.

Anyway it is done and I lined it with lavender silk charmeuse. Priscilla is convinced it is just going to slide off when I put it on. The good news was that because I started the jacket last year, I had to take it in nine inches because of the weight loss. Even after I ostensibly finished it, I have still altered it more by appliqueing some new pieces over pieces on the back! Those narrow yellow stripes at the bottom are history. I did use quite a bit of my marbled fabric in the jacket. It only has three commercial fabrics in the whole thing -- the one that made the stack and whack hexagons , one red and one green. The rest are either hand dyed or marbled by yours truly. I must have 100 different greens and can always use more!

This is the back of Marcia's orange jacket which is taking on a rather navy bluish appearance but I can't talk. She made significant forward progress today and I think she will love this one when done! She has a number of openings of shows featuring her quilts that she needs to dress for!

This is the jacket that Priscilla is throwing into the ring as her entry into the challenge. She will definitely win the prize for using the most orange! Hers of course will be magnificent when done as all her garments are! Marcia's and mine have mysteriously taken on minds of their own.

This is a wonderful gift from Priscilla for my new beach house -- a handwoven rug from Equador that she found hiding in one of her closets. I had to get it out of Marcia's house quickly as she was definitely eyeing it for her house!! I LOVED the two kitties on it!! Warren says we must hang it on the wall and can't use it as a rug! Isn't it wonderful!! It is about 4 feet by 6 feet in size.


Vicki W said...

I like the jacket but whether you wear it or not it loks like a fun class!

Sandy said...

I am so glad you greened it a bit. I am not an orange person either.
And really...I don't think I'd wear it out either. but maybe to a quilty event.
Sandy in the UK

Gail Baker said...

You absolutely must not wear that jacket!! You must immediately put it into a box and send it to me. The colors are fabulous!

betsey said...

Beth, I love it, plus I love the cat rug (which I'd also hang!)