Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Springtime Fashion Show!

Well, today was the monthly meeting of our fiber art group called Rochester Area Fiber Artists and we had a very impressive show and tell today highlighted by the fashions made by Janet Root. Now I have to tell you -- Janet is in charge of hanging our GVQC quilt show which occurs in less than a month -- there are 625 quilts and she has to organize and plan for this!! She says she relieves stress by sewing and she must have had one hell of a lot of stress. We also suspect that she does not sleep. If you are as old as what you do, Janet is barely pushing 18!!

A few people from the group will be having a booth at the Memorial Art Gallery show in September and Janet made these jackets with that show in mind as the wearable art went very well last year -- a jacket was snapped right off one of the ladies if I remember correctly. Not only did Janet make all the following jackets but three of them are reversible!!!! Too bad Priscilla wasn't there as she would have enjoyed it, I am sure!!

This one was reversible.

This is the reverse side of a jacket that I don't have pictured as she whirled it off so fast!

This was made using drapery fabric.

This was a more fitted jacket and Janet looks fantastic in it as well!!

This was another reversible garment!

This is one of Marcia's newer quilts. I loved the colors and design of this one.
This was particularly fun for me as it used as it's principal fabric, my focus fabric for the "Las Vegas Jacket" that I made last year for my trip!! This is a "One Block Wonder" quilt which is a bit like the S & W technique which has inspired many quilts from me!! It is basically hexagons, but pieced as half hexagons. It was really beautiful!!
Another new jacket from another quilter -- again she looks good in most anything and this was a very nice jacket.

These two dolls are in process by the incredible dollmaker/teacher in our group, Deborah Pope. She says that she has sold all her dolls and that collectors wait for her to make new ones. I know they are very expensive and they are beyond incredible with hand felted faces and exquisite detail.

This is Brenda's newest which she called Christine.
This was made by Barb for her nephew for graduation but since he hasn't, it is now hers!!

Pat Berardi had several wonderful pieces here today. This was made as part of a challenge and it was just wonderful!

This was another of Pat's new quilts.

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