Friday, May 22, 2009

While Lunch was Burning...

Still on my jag of doing neutrals and have been having some fun! It would be nice if my size and the fabric would run out at the same time. I make more size and then more fabric and they never seem to end together so then I just keep doing more and more and more..... I think it is time that I found a stool to sit on down there as I do all marbling standing as my table is set high because of the dye painting it was designed for. My kitty is definitely helping me to type today as he is feeling a bit better which means he insists upon playing on my laptop (and I don't have the heart to throw him off even if it means he sets up 100 gadgets which he has done in the past).

The first of the neutrals where I added a teense of yellow into the mix of burnt sienna and burnt umber and black.

I liked this one particularly. I found that I really liked the ones with the Golden browns more than those that used a lot of the opaque blacks.

One with mostly greys and blacks and a teense of brown -- probaby because I don't clean the size each time!

One of my favorites of the two days.

Added a little blue, but the blue was so fast, it threatened to move out all the other colors (and I had thought the brown was pretty fast).

I am definitely having far, far too much fun and must start cutting into some of the old ones (and I have used quite a few in the pictorial quilts I have made in this last year but haven't made a sizeable dent yet). I am thinking some stand on their own as compositions and I might just try framing them and see how that looks (or pick out some great parts of some not so good ones for framing). I definitely like organic!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Love your neutrals. They're exciting.

Vicki W said...

These are amazing!

Lisa in Penna said...

Beth - love looking at the eye candy, and I especially love the title of this post!