Monday, May 11, 2009

A Goodbye Wave to Elin!

No, this is not a marbled piece, but is a picture of the bottom of the tray and the elusive color that sits there immobile and worthless, although one woman in the class used paper towels to sop up some of hers!!
These are some of the socks that we marbled today -- what fun!! I didn't do that last summer during the class but was bound to do them this time!

These are my nice new marbled socks which I have decide whether to keep or gift to my youngest daughter! I may make some more SOON!

This is Elin who has just finished marbling one of the many fun things people brought in to marble!! There were also two bras, a few pairs of sneakers, scarves and many pairs of socks -- we will be a very colorful bunch of women and the folks of downtown Webster must have been very curious about what was going on as we had everything hanging outside today!
So we send Elin off to her next teaching assignment with a "Noble" wave doing the tango and being in the present! It is a treat and an honor to spend any time with this wonderful, intelligent, wise teacher!! She is the best for any of you who want to learn about dyeing of any kind or marbling fabric or paper! You won't regret taking a class from her!

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