Thursday, May 28, 2009

Third Day of the Orange Jacket Challenge....

Well, the same thing is happening to me that happened to Marcia and Priscilla -- my jacket is slowly but surely morphing into another color -- not by my hand but of its own volition! This happens frequently with quilts and I am finding the same is true of jackets....

This is Nancy C's jacket -- she is making progress and I think she will really like it when done. I loved her stripes!

This is Nancy H's kimono jacket -- one of two reversible ones she was working on today. She will be selling them at the Memorial Art Gallery show in September.

Priscilla is busily working on another rather laid back drab quilted jacket. When will she ever learn to lighten up!

These are the fronts and one of the sleeves of my jacket. It is beginning to look more like a green jacket than an orange jacket and I did take some flak for that! I did add quite a bit of my older marbled fabric to this jacket though which was fun!! You can see some of the ebru marbled flowers on the sleeve and right front (left in the picture).

This is the front and back of the jacket. I still probably will not wear it in public which is saying something for me!! I am returning on Saturday with the goal of finishing the jacket up and trying it on!

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