Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of Color!

You will never guess what I have been doing today when not planting in the garden.....

I made some of the images smaller this time as there are so many of them. They really look better larger so you can double click on any of them! Don't want to run out of space and have to pay!

My way of working is basically to work in one pallette until the size is completely used up. I also work only with primaries although usually with more than one blue and red. It is really easier to work this way as you can adjust to how only a handful of paints are working and adjust accordingly.

You can see that I have been working with blues and purples primarily today while yesterday I was working a lot with yellows and greens. I was only using one blue yesterday, while I switched to about four different ones today. Each of these pieces is a fat quarter (18 x 22 inches). My favorite way of doing them is to put on tons of color, then compress the whole bath using either a piece of foamcore board or a piece of needlepoint canvas. I then let it sit for maybe a minute so it shifts a bit and then I sprinkle a brighter color that doesn't expand too fast on top. I might add that I NEVER clean the size between prints. I just dump on more color. Saves a lot of newspapers that way. These days if I get something that looks mildly interesting, I will take a print on some envelops that I keep by the tray! I am still naming my fabric prints and this is a dangerous sign...

I think I will start a new pallette tomorrow even though there is still size. Time to do some neutrals. This time around I have not been doing the ghost prints. I still have five more yards of fabric to do!

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