Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Marbling!

What better way to spend a cold Mother's Day in Rochester than marbling with a group of like minded women! The weather was chilly but almost everyone brought in one of those indoor hanging racks so there was plenty of space to hang our pieces. Elin cracked the whip today and pushed us through our paces -- no letting up even even for such an important national holiday (especially for us new grandmothers)!

These pieces on the side were what I did yesterday. My size and I were not communicating well and I was using paints that are not my favorite -- not a good combination. It is obvious that you need to relax and be reflective to do this well. Today went a bit better but I am playing trying to push myself a little.

These two pieces were from today and the one on the left was a complete surprise! I had just let the paints float around where they wanted to at lunch and obviously some stuff came up from the bottom and the commotion in the room made it circular in nature. Double click to see better. I managed two pieces like this -- very different from anything I have gotten before (although the colors and softness were not). I learned today that I dip way too much to get the methocel out of the pieces!

This is Elin trying to make sure we understand how this all works. We spent some time today analyzing various issues and successes people were having. We are all having an absolute ball! She is such a knowledgable and sharing teacher!!
These were pieces from someone else in the group.
Here is Sarah who arranged for this wonderful class with her pieces in the background. Sarah also was having problems yesterday (as I was) and we decided it was stress about meeting people's expectations about the class and facility.

In the evening, Julie invited us all out to her magnificent house on Lake Ontario with views to die for!! Off in the distance (of course), I saw birds and think this is a common merganser (which I haven't seen before up on the lake). Warren saw a lot of loons when he was kayaking the other day.
This is the view from any of the rooms in the back of the house!!

Julie's husband is a general practice physician who somehow finds time to do stained glass as well. This is one of many windows, decorative elements and lamps he has done. He is obviously as talented as his lovely wife!!

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blueditty said...

I just love your marbling results! Your text sounds like it wasn't a success, but it was.