Friday, May 15, 2009

GVQC and Marble Mania Yet Again!

Our May meeting was held yesterday with Carol Doak as our speaker and featured teacher. The Club surprised me by making me a lifetime honorary member and presented me with a dozen beautiful roses as well! This is a very nice group of women and I am soooo glad Janet Root got me to join ten years ago! Retirement has been very busy ever since and I have gone off in directions never dreamed of ten years ago when I was in my stress filled corporate job.

This is Carol Doak's legacy quilt which contains 300 of her blocks. This is just a fraction of it.

This is a peak at the quality of quilt that will be in our June show at RIT. It will be huge with over 40 vendors as well as around 800 quilts altogether!!

Another beautiful example of a quilt which hopefully will be in the show next month!

This woman fell in love with redwork after taking a class in this with Betty Alderman a few years ago at GVQC. It is a beautiful alphabet quilt.

These were three blocks made by our extremely talented Ann Nash. These blocks were from the Kumiko Sudo books.
Of course I have been marbling again, trying to get some decent looking socks and almost succeeded with one pair. I love being back in my basement with my bigger tray and more predictability with the marbling. I am beginning to suspect that another culprit in my poor showing in the class was that I didn't stir my size enough initially as I did mine last and therefore was interrupted to hear the directions for the day. Oh well -- it is all a learning and humbling experience.
Tomorrow I am taking a class from Carol Doak and intend to have fun and not follow directions (of course).

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