Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marbling - Come Rain or Shine

Well, my nervousness about the space I found for our marbling class with Elin Noble was for naught! The space is wonderful, with a lot of tables and four deep sinks and direct access to the outside. We started a little late but we kind of mellowed out as it was beautiful in Webster this spring day .

Here the ladies are preparing their trays and having their first up close and personal conversations with their size. Some of our talks were more successful than others! Mine was not one of the more successful ones....

Here a small crowd is getting their paints to be used in the first day's marbling -- note the sun is still out....

Here is the classmate who won the prize for longest distance travelled as she had flown up from DC when she heard Elin was teaching here in Webster. She never thought she would visit Rochester! She is working on marbling paper instead of fabric which is what most of us are marbling.

These were some of Pat's first day's effort and I think quite successful!

This was done on a piece of printed fabric -- double click and you can probably see the detail. It works really well with the marbling, I think.
There were some very interesting pieces on this exhibit!

This is the backroom where we had to hang up our pieces as just as we were ready to hang things outside, the rain came pouring down of course clearing later in the afternoon but very unpredictable weather today.

This was the group at the wonderful dinner at a local Thai restaurant -- Phuket Thai. The food was excellent!

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the pieces that I did!! They are drying downstairs. The first batch of size I had was awful and I suspect it was the plastic bags I used to cover the tray. When I first put the size in, white foam came up the side, something I had never seen before. I didn't think they had an deodorizer in them but the second batch using one of Elin's bags worked much better and more what I am used to. Well, as Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

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blueditty said...

Sometimes I think marbling is the most communal art there is! What a joy, and such beautiful results too.